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UKCP registered Psychotherapist, M.A. Psychotherapy, Neuro-Diverse Specialist


To begin with I offer a free telephone conversation which generally last for about 15 minutes. The aim is for us to talk and for you to get a better sense of how it would be to work with me.  If either of us doesn’t think the ‘fit’ is right, or I think you need a more specialised service, then I will try my best to signpost you to another therapist or service.

If we both agree to move forward then I will suggest we meet for an initial session. I believe it is really important that we are curious about each other and it will be the starting point of our work together. There is no commitment on your behalf at this point and you can have as much time as you need to think about and process our time spent together. 

Our initial session gives us an opportunity to focus on you and get a detailed knowledge of your life story. During this introduction you will understand better how I work and what I think would be beneficial for you. As always our working together is a collaborative process so we will always work together on what feels right for you. 

We will discuss time frames and possible outcomes. I tend to work in 6-week blocks. If you think you would like to work with me then we will contract for an initial 6 weeks and then re assess what you want to do next. If after 6 weeks you decide that you only need another one or two sessions, then we can work within that time frame. The 6 weeks do not have to be consecutive, often they are not so it gives you time to reflect and process. 

Some clients are happy with 6 sessions and end their therapy with their initial goals achieved. Sometimes those same clients will contact me many months later for additional sessions. Alternatively, some clients attend weekly for months or even years. There is no set timetable, we work with what is appropriate for you at that time.

Sometimes, clients can negotiate with their employers to pay for, or part pay for, their therapy. I can help facilitate that process if you need me to.

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