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UKCP registered Psychotherapist, M.A. Psychotherapy, Neuro-Diverse Specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my work with you be completely confidential?

Generally, yes, but there are a few exceptions. The first would be if I thought you were at risk to yourself or others, in which case I would involve another professional, usually your GP. Also, in some circumstances I am legally required to disclose if you are breaking the law. This includes involvement in terrorism, money laundering and drug dealing. Where practical, and legally permitted, I would inform you of my intention to break our contract of confidentiality.

What do you think about the use of medication such as antidepressants?

I respect the work of GP’s and psychiatrists and support the use of medications alongside psychotherapy. Unfortunately, some psychotropic medication lack sophistication and they do not suit everyone. For others, the relief they bring allows a better level of functioning until they can rebalance and find their equilibrium once again. I always advocate that you speak to your GP about medication and if it feels right for you, follow their advice.

Which code of ethics do you adhere to?

For professional reasons a therapist takes their work to a clinical supervisor to ensure the safety of their clients. I receive regular monthly supervision by a UKCP registered supervisor. My work is governed by the UKCP Ethical Principles and Code of Professional Conduct. My UKCP membership number is 2011165091 and you will be able to find me on the register which appears in their website.

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